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" I am an autodidact, ever since childhood I have been drawing or painting, following a wide range of classes and workshops, starting at the Vrije Akademie in Heerlen, later in The Hague at the Koorenhuis and for more than a decade with the The Hague abstract paintress Rineke Kop. 


On linen canvas, wooden panels or cardboard, I apply acrylic paint, creating layers with other materials like plaster, tissue paper, sackcloth, or packing carton.  In the end,  I might add accents with gold wax, oil crayon, pencil, or ink.  Color, and the layered skin of paint and mixed media,  are important in my abstract work, providing balance and reinforcing the composition.

Layer by layer I continue until I feel that it's right, and that the result encourages the viewer to search the canvas to see what is happening on or under it. During the intuitive, organic process of painting, the abstract, sometimes almost landscape-like, image emerges as if by itself.  Sometimes I decide to sand down a layer to bring out the underlying color and structure. The challenge of working spontaneously, taking risks with materials and colors, building up and down without the fear of ruining it, make that a painting can develop.

Nature, the change of the seasons, a great palette of colors and music are my never ending, joyful source of inspiration and influence.

Painters who inspire me: 

Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Marc Mulder, Gerard Richter, Robert Zandvliet, Rineke Kop, Monet, Hans Keuls, Armando, Howard Hodgkin, Lataster, Joan Eardly, Jan Cremer, Lynn Alker, Helen Frankenthaler, Consuelo Vallina, Robin Olsen, Allison B Cooke, Nicholas Wilton, Adele Sijpensteijn,  Nancy Hillis, Ignacio Oliva, Han Klinkhamer,  Peter Doig, Alechinsky, Cy Twombly, Jonatan To Drijk, Louisa Holden, Robin Olsen, Myonghi Kang, JP Donnell, Marco Eusepi and so many others. "


June 2015 Group exhibition at Museum Swaensteyn in Voorburg

July 2021  European Art Fair in  Amsterdam,  ( 

22-24 April 2022: Duo-Exhibition "Scraps & Scapes" with Ties Ament, collages, at the Genestet Kerk, Oude Delft 102, Delft.

3 - 12 May 2024: Duo-Exhibition " Panta Rhei" with Tineke Brackel, sculptures, at the Gallery "Intussen",, Joris van den Berghweg 101-113, Hal H, Amsterdam. 


If you are interested in my work, you are welcome in my studio in The Hague. 

A painting can best be judged in your own home, you could "lend" it for a week or two, and return it when it is not what you expected.


You can contact me at

or call me: tel. 0031 6 18018552

or send me a message on Instagram: @josschiphorst

p.s. I can also arrange shipment all over the world to your home address.

KvK-number: 82774803 

Member of the National Association for Visual Artists NABK

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